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Sponsoring Newsletter, Podcast and Patreon creators is a great way to grow online without breaking the bank- but finding the right opportunities can take a lot of time and research.Pear is a time-saving subscription resource making it easier to find great creator-led advertising and sponsorship opportunities.All kinds of advertisers- from indie hackers, no-code makers, growing startups, newsletters and independent media, Software-As-A-Service teams, digital marketing firms and more- use Pear to reach relevant niche audiences and test new growth opportunities.

How does Pear work?

  1. We collect and refresh lists of Newsletter, Podcast and Patreon creators actively seeking advertising or sponsorship opportunities

  2. We publish these for our members to search through online with demographic, genre, performance and contact information

  3. Once you've found the right opportunities, directly negotiate and purchase with creators outside of Pear- no fees, transaction costs or interference from us!

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